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I am a Car Designer/Vehicle Artist with 4 years experience in the games industry working with both past and current generation titles.

My main skill lies in producing licensed car assets aswell as concepting and producing my own designs.
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2008 – Car Designer – Ubisoft

2007 – Car Artist- Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

2006+ Freelance work for Cyber 42, 3D-Palace

2005-2006 Car artist at Eutechnyx. Responsible for the research and development of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 car production techniques as well as working on car art for current generation (PS2/Xbox)

2005+ Mainly freelance work, sub-contracted work for a graphics design company “Cyber 42�? producing graphics for both a children’s water safety CDROM (Environment Agency) and training CDROM for Street Wardens.

2004 – 2004 Worked as part of a team of students for an arcade company. I advised the team on methods of modeling, texturing and also helped quality control.

2003 – 2004 Worked as a glass collector at a nightclub

2001 – 2001 Worked as a Computer Engineer. My job was to build and repair PC’s.


Neil Massam – Evolution Studios

Nathan Whitaker – Head of Physics at Eutechnyx

James Hay – Director of Cyber 42

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